Fresh & Responsible

We offer "California Tuscan” cuisine, a term describing Bill’s fresh American twist on traditional Italian fare. The style evolved from his classic training, his travels and our personal tastes. Schooled in classic French cooking, Bill makes his own stocks, desserts  — everything  — from scratch. He learned the art of making fresh pasta in Italy. We both like what’s available seasonally, and the flavor and texture of food cooked in our wood-fired oven or on our wood-fired grill.

Our relationship with several families allows us to offer the best-tasting and responsibly raised local ingredients. Click on the pictures below to learn about a few of our Paducah-area business partners. We are also attentive to special dietary requirements  —  just ask about our gluten-free dishes or other needs.

We capitalize on the variety of ingredients available to us — and keep our offerings inventive for our guests — by changing our menu weekly and highlighting the more creative dishes with our nightly specials.

Local Partners


         Heath Health Foods                 Newsom's Country Hams      Paducah Downtown Farmers' Market          KY Hydro Farm